FML means Feed My Lama
Zoo Keeper - Oops! I forgot to feed the lama in the petting zoo, FML
Worker - O.K then boss
by Sbubpy December 22, 2010
Finger me lightly.
Johnny, please fml!!!
by Gab145356 May 29, 2010


Only gays and queer suicidal pricks say FML as in "Fuck My Life" so this is an alternative for more lively, easy going people.

Going to the zoo later, FML

Ah gotta get home later, FML, he's always hungry.
by blanketwarrior June 16, 2011
Newly revised meaning for FML is "Fuck My Lips". Fuck my life got over used. It's time for a change.
what's fml? fuck my lips? queer
by FuckMyLips October 20, 2010
"Fuck my life sideways"
When its worse than just FML and FMLH even, "Fuck my life sideways" is like getting your shit railed by life.
"Dude, your sister was names FMLPO and your mom is trying to date the gym teacher"
Guy 2
by De'Smonica October 17, 2009
Short for fuck my life
"FML my parents met over World Of Warcraft"
by The Afro Is Going Down March 20, 2014
"Fuck My Life". An extraordinarily overused and improperly used term mainly posted on the internet. Instead of being used in a situation where one's life would, in a sense, be "fucked", it tends to be added to the most mundane things.

"I just lost my job and my girlfriend left me. FML"

"I had to go put my dog down. FML"


"I have to do a book report this month! fml!"

"Rita's closed before I got there in time. fml, guys. fml."
by Hikash February 08, 2012

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