Short for fuck my life, originating from Superbad.

Also, a popular website where people can come together and feel sorry for themselves.
Dude: Wow, he's on that website again?

Bro: Yeah, he says FML all the time now.

Dude: Maybe its time to GET OVER IT.
by stopsayingthat April 02, 2009
Acronym for "fuck my life"
Ugh, fml so hard.
by heymonday December 07, 2008
short for "Fuck my life."

Perfect for use in one's Facebook status during the end-of-the-semester crunch or during final exams.

Note: the "m" can be substituted for the initial letter of any other pronoun.
"What's up with Gerry? His facebook status says 'Gerry says FML.' Should I be worried?"
"Nah, he just has 2 ten-bangers due tomorrow that he hasn't started."
"Richelle, we need to start cramming soon. Like, FOL."

by jdizzleSK88 November 24, 2008
stands for "fuck my life", used when something really shitty happens
The love of my life won't talk to me anymore, I have no friends and all I do is go to class, study, and go to work. FML.
by KJ.T November 01, 2009
Recently re-acronymized to stand for "Failing my life." on's FAQ. Apparently, people get their panties in a bunch because they think "Fuck my life" is too vulgar, but we all know that FML really stands for fuck my life.
Today re-acronymized fml to stand for "failing my life" rather than "fuck my life." FML
by xwthwthwtfx September 29, 2009
FML was originally an acronym for "Fuck my life" but has now been adopted by many as a joke to represent "forgot my lunch"
Example one:
"I just got dumped. Fml."

Example two:
Person 1 - "Ahh man.. fml!"

Person 2 - "Damn.. It's okay you can share my sandwich"
by Always forgetting my lunch June 10, 2010
An acronym for 'fix my leg'.
I just tripped down 45 flights of stairs. FML.
by It's Over 9000! June 02, 2010

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