"Fuck My Life". An extraordinarily overused and improperly used term mainly posted on the internet. Instead of being used in a situation where one's life would, in a sense, be "fucked", it tends to be added to the most mundane things.

"I just lost my job and my girlfriend left me. FML"

"I had to go put my dog down. FML"


"I have to do a book report this month! fml!"

"Rita's closed before I got there in time. fml, guys. fml."
by Hikash February 08, 2012
fuck my life, used when angry
I got detention today, FML.
by awesome-epical-xx January 11, 2012
acronym for fuck my life
"Hey, that creepy guy is staring at you again."
"ugh. FML."

"Hey, did you study for the big test?"
"No, FML."

by cantstoptherain December 19, 2008
The acronym for Fuck My Life. Originated from the popular film "Superbad". Used in a situation that causes much anger or strong feelings.
1. The drunk man awoke next to another man in his bed and said oh "FML"
2. The man was hit by a car and yelled "FML"
by MrP3anut July 21, 2008
Fun Midget Land- A distant land full of stoned miniature people and magical unicorns that speak Spanish.
Phil- Dude have you ever been to a F.M.L.?
Bill- Na man but i hear its better than vegas!
Phil- You have no idea.
Bill- How do you get there?
Phil- You have to get past Rosetta Stoned.
Bill- Damn.
Phil- Real talk.
by Bad Applessssss April 21, 2012
Fuck me, Lambert-An acronym referring to Adam Lambert and his extreme sexiness. This acronym can be used whenever one encounters media related to Adam Lambert, and is overwhelmed with lust. A wider use of this acronym can occur when one merely intends to express feelings of lust (similar to UNF)
1. Did you see the Rolling Stone cover of Adam? Jeez, FML.
by rumpledblanket June 07, 2009
Stands for Fuck My Like, a variation of the standard 'Fuck My Life'.
This happens when someone is one of the first people to 'Like' a Facebook status. When they go away a huge conversation happens as comments as the status. When they return, they find that their email inbox has been flooded with notifications from all the people who replied, having the recepient of such emails regret ever 'Liking' the status to begin with.
I noticed that Simon was going on a trip to Spain on Facebook so I clicked 'Like' then went to work. When I came back, there were like 70 emails in my inbox just from people replying and having a big converation. F.M.L..
by subatomicpotato May 23, 2010

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