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The commonly used phrase "FML" stands for "Fuck my Life". The word was made up in a living room while playing guitar hero with Riley, Chase, and Ghumps while all mourning over how there love lives sucked ballsack and beyond. FML may evolve into a club in some instances, all are welcome that are not currently in a relationship and/or happy with their current status of their love lives.
Commonly used in situations such as:

Riley: "Chase your emo."
Chase replies: "Ah shit...FML."
Ghumps: "GG im going to die alone and never fall in love again FML."
Riley: "OMG FML I'm so happy with my love life."
Chase: "WTF Riley stfu your happy, you can't be in FML! Get owned!"
by Chaseblackbandit January 27, 2008

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