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FML: (adjective) An acronym for Forlorn Milquetoast Lamenter. Usually tacked onto a facebook or similar social site status subconsciously by the author as a warning to the reader that the content contained within could make kittens throw themselves off of bridges. Most commonly used with first world problems.
I would've submitted this definition to Urban Dictionary, but I'm pretty busy at work, seems as if I'm the dumping ground for work. Plus I only have my phone to access the internet, netbook is still broken and there is no such option from my phone. fml...
by Troy F March 01, 2012
Fetch Me Lube.

Believed by the masses to mean 'fuck my life.' Only a handful of enlightened individuals have achieved knowledge of its true, almost spiritual meaning. These individuals are able to comprehend that the utterer of the phrase (whose life appears to be in a dire place) is requesting lubricant in order to ease sexual acts, thereby cheering themselves up.
Dude1: "Voldemort totally killed my fam when I was but a wee babby, fml"

Dude2: "Vaseline? K-Y?"

Dude1: "What?"

Dude2: *Guards the secret, meditates and floats away*
by Fragger2040 November 23, 2011
What sad attention seeking emos say.
Fml - Fuck My Life.

Also known as 'Fuck My Llama'.

Main reason why they say it is for the attention; wishing for their life to be fucked is quite an extreme thing to say, far too extreme infact to be said because of not having any pens.

I know because this happened in school today...
Emo's friend: Hey Can I borrow a pen?
Emo: OMG Fuck My Life (fml) I left them at home!
by TxA. September 08, 2011
Acronym of Fuck Me Laughing.
FML, he's so french. (Fuck me laughing, he's so french)
by Fooofter May 04, 2011
Funny Midget Lions
I saw some FMLs today.
by I Yuki Cross I November 04, 2011
metaphorically rape my life so it would die and i wouldnt have to take the regents
FMl i need a Twinkie
by Ryan farah June 14, 2010
fuck my life
man u dint reply fml
by ramziiibbz March 29, 2011