For More Loss. Everyone else thinks it's F* My Life, but I like to think this makes a more polite complaint...
Ugh... My alarm didn't go off this morning and I was late for work AGAIN! FML...
by artspoken April 11, 2015
Fix My Lighthouse.
Oh darn, my lighthouse broke, I guess I'll just have to go and fml!
by YourDadThatIsSecretlyAWoman<3 November 03, 2012
Fuck me, Lambert-An acronym referring to Adam Lambert and his extreme sexiness. This acronym can be used whenever one encounters media related to Adam Lambert, and is overwhelmed with lust. A wider use of this acronym can occur when one merely intends to express feelings of lust (similar to UNF)
1. Did you see the Rolling Stone cover of Adam? Jeez, FML.
by rumpledblanket June 07, 2009
Stands for Fuck My Like, a variation of the standard 'Fuck My Life'.
This happens when someone is one of the first people to 'Like' a Facebook status. When they go away a huge conversation happens as comments as the status. When they return, they find that their email inbox has been flooded with notifications from all the people who replied, having the recepient of such emails regret ever 'Liking' the status to begin with.
I noticed that Simon was going on a trip to Spain on Facebook so I clicked 'Like' then went to work. When I came back, there were like 70 emails in my inbox just from people replying and having a big converation. F.M.L..
by subatomicpotato May 23, 2010
"Fuck My Life" of "Fudge My Life"

Fny website where users pst stories
Today, I was helping my church clean up a park. I was given a sledgehammer and told to break up a concrete picnic table so we could haul it off. About half way through I swung the sledgehammer REALLY hard, completely missed the table, and hit myself in the shin. F.M.L.

Today, my mom wants me snowed in with her and she wont fkn stop talking and the powers off. F.M.L.

Today, my boyfriend told me that he couldn't kiss me because i would fall for him. i think it was meant to be deep, but i started laughing hysterically. not only did i lock that text for when i need to have a good laugh, i also like him a little less now. F.M.L.

Today, I was walking on a main street downtown. Suddenly, I felt someone slap my butt. I turned around, expecting to be my girlfriend who was to meet me there and almost gave an old homeless man a kiss on the cheek. F.M.L.
by gogocarts3 February 09, 2010
FML: (adjective) An acronym for Forlorn Milquetoast Lamenter. Usually tacked onto a facebook or similar social site status subconsciously by the author as a warning to the reader that the content contained within could make kittens throw themselves off of bridges. Most commonly used with first world problems.
I would've submitted this definition to Urban Dictionary, but I'm pretty busy at work, seems as if I'm the dumping ground for work. Plus I only have my phone to access the internet, netbook is still broken and there is no such option from my phone. fml...
by Troy F March 01, 2012
Fetch Me Lube.

Believed by the masses to mean 'fuck my life.' Only a handful of enlightened individuals have achieved knowledge of its true, almost spiritual meaning. These individuals are able to comprehend that the utterer of the phrase (whose life appears to be in a dire place) is requesting lubricant in order to ease sexual acts, thereby cheering themselves up.
Dude1: "Voldemort totally killed my fam when I was but a wee babby, fml"

Dude2: "Vaseline? K-Y?"

Dude1: "What?"

Dude2: *Guards the secret, meditates and floats away*
by Fragger2040 November 23, 2011

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