basically the best word in the world. it rolls of the lips down to the hips like the feel of your fingertips.

even though you are only changing one letter but you know..
paul is pretty much fanstasmic.
by mermermer August 17, 2005
Top Definition
Fantastically orgasmic
Wow, thats fantasmic!
by Crystal, BC, CANADA January 28, 2004
adj. a combination of fantastic and orgasmic; evoking the image of something so amazing you orgasm when you experience/see/hear/taste/feel it
That cheesecake we had on your last birthday was absolutely fantasmic.

You look absolutely fantasmic in that minidress.

Dude, that band last night was fantasmic. Seriously, I saw two people actually having sex during the closing number!
by genny_luv February 16, 2008
A production put on at the Disneyland resort, involving live action, fireworks, lighting and moving images projected onto atomized water. It is about Mickey's dream world and the attempts of certain evil villians of Disney films to turn his imagination into a nightmare.

The word is a combination of Fantasy and Mickey.
Bob: I just got back from Disneyland.
Bill: Did you see Fantasmic?
by kekich September 11, 2004
1. The combination of orgasmic and fantastic.
2. Used to refer to something that is amazing.
Guy 1: Did you hook up with that girl last night?
Guy 2: Yeah, that shit was fantasmic.
by Shanene:) March 02, 2009
A song by the band Nightwish on the album "Wishmaster".
Eg. Song 11 of Wishmaster: Fantasmic.
by Reality's Cries July 04, 2005
I so am not a nerd and definately am not single. Fantasmic is a combination of Fantasic and Orgasmic. It doesn't mean "great" but more of a magical euphoria...Think about that feeling of release.
It was fantasmic when SHE talked to me!
by Ben June 20, 2003
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