A wonderful word used to describe things that are above fantastic status and therefore needs a new word to do it's true greatness justice. That word, is fantasmic.
My, my, Tinu trully is fantasmic

I'm not a nerd, that's why i say words like.....FANTASMIC

by Tinu June 13, 2003
Meaning totally fantistic and awesomic not fantastically orgasmic because thats kind of wierd.
I am having a totally awesome super fantasmic ultimately sweet end of the school year party!
by chelly_93 March 22, 2009
Amalgamation of fantastic and orgasmic.

When something is so unbelievably good.
"That guy's singing voice is fantasmic."
by Fantasmic_Adventure February 09, 2012
a combination of fantastic and plasmic. used to express great excitement or to describe something incredible. can also mean great.
"Did you go to the big concert this weekend?"
"Yeah, it was totally fantasmic!"

"Are you coming to the party?"
"For sure."
by b_bop December 10, 2007
like an orgasm with fanta. a feeling of utmost euphoria and that sticky sweet taste in your mouth.
"how are you?"
"im fantasmic"
by ETMUP May 17, 2007
A word used to describe a thing/object/event so fantastic that it will give/gave the said person an orgasm.
Haley: oh my god. wow. you look fantasmic.

Reeder: (wearing a turbin and smelling of goat urine)
I know. : )
by Reeder March 27, 2007
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