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A synonym for, Hello Kitty
"Hello Kitty is Devil"
by Maku April 02, 2005
House of damnation...
The place evil dwels...
Place To get CRAZY deals!
"You must destroy the heart of wallmart"
by Maku April 02, 2005
Legendary Ice-type Pokemon
I have a Regice
by Maku December 23, 2003
Creator Of The characters: Kerrigan And Ark...
Star of the animations: All your Pie, kerrigan and the frog, and kerri's big invention..
"Dont You eat this piieee"
"What The crap"
by Maku April 02, 2005
Absolutely Nothing at all.
(spelled Griffin, "YOU DUMBASS")
"Look at me,I dont exist!!!"
by Maku April 02, 2005
Entity consisting of an energy mass called "Ectoplasim"
"Holy Crap Dood! Its a Ghost"
by Maku April 02, 2005
A tasty Treat...
EX: Panda Kabobs, Pand steak, panda pie, panda taco (mumm taco) ect...
"I loves me my panda"
by Maku April 02, 2005

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