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adjective: emitting excessive emotion via the Emoji app in a text or other cell-phone application.
Girl: ☺ ♡
Boy: This is a only a sext...Don't go gettin' all emojinal and shit.
by eyycaiiit January 08, 2013
A person who uses many emojis while texting someone.
"Have you texted Sarah lately? She sends a lot of emojis."
"No, I haven't. She's just being emojinal."
by Chrispoopoo January 04, 2014
When someone texts something so shocking or controversial that the only possible way to respond is with a single emoji.
Person a: I just found out my mum is also my sister
Person b: 0_o no further text, simply an emojinal shock response
by tloriley March 06, 2016
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