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Red and greasy sausage originally from Spain/Europe(no mexico). It can be mild or spicy. It comes in many different sizes and has many different flavors according to its quality, examples:

- Chorizo de(from) Pamplona: you probably know this city for the renowned "Run with the bulls". Well this kind of chorizo is even greasier and of a softer texture.
- Chorizo de Salamanca: This one is really tasty.
- Chorizo Iberico: This is the most expensive one, but if you ever come to spain you definitely gotta try it, cuz its the cream of the crop. I specially recommend this one.
Dave: Hey mate, how u feel after living in australia all these years.
Me: ermm not too bad, you know i love this, but if i only could degust one of those chorizo sandwiches, i really miss them.
by Brera June 04, 2006
1. a spicy mexican sausage

2. spanish synonym for dick
1. ¿so, was your chorizo good?

2. ¡That mexican had a chorizo the size of a small fetus!
by el Nariz de 45 March 25, 2003
Visible pubic hair above a man's underwear line—companion to "taco meat" on the chest.
Man, Stuart is showing a lot of chorizo today. I'll bet his shit is spicy!
by Billy Binaca October 04, 2010
Someone who is trying to upstage another, or is very flagrant in the attempt to show themselves off, or someone who exaggerates a lot
1) Hey Fred your neighbor just put up more lights than you, what a chorizo!

2)Look Frankie is wearing that skin tight leather suit he's such a chorizo

3)Hey that's Frankie's new girlfriend. He said she was hot, but she's tore up, he's such a chorizo
by The Meanest Filapenis November 05, 2010
Greasy sausage mostly cooked by mexicans. Also used as a derogatory term for mexicans who want to get white girls attention.
Mexican: Hey Heather my chorizo needs a friend.
Heather: Whats a chrizo???
by The Mondo November 04, 2005
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