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To send suggestive text messages back and forth. Like cybersex, but with text.
I could sext you all night!
by S. Renee January 11, 2006
828 268
To text someone dirty messages
OMG we got her phone and saw all the SEXTS her boyfriend sent her.
by SEXT January 24, 2008
578 355
Text sex. Like phone sex but through text messages. (via Raunchy pictures and dirty talking)
Why don't you just sext me later?
by pbiddy February 20, 2009
434 254
A cheesy "hip" portmanteau invented by the media during the mid-2000s to describe a new form sexual expression that had come about due to increased pressure and stifling of sexual freedom imposed by the hypocritical older generation (which they did not face during their younger years).

Used to increase legislation targeted mostly at imprisoning 18-25 year old males and create a moral panic among already overbearing parents, both of which are much easier to do when you can wrap it up in one catchy word that you think sounds like something the youngsters would say.
"Sext texting.... SEXTING! I'm such a clever journalist!" - Douchebag who invented it.
by mmcflyshakeshakeshake June 10, 2010
393 216
Enjoying sexual pleasure from text messaging.
My girlfriend lives in Parkesburg, so I decided to Sext her from the comfort of my home-like taking candy from a baby.
by Almum February 29, 2008
232 176
1) Pornographic internet literature.
2) Dirty talk via instant messaging or e-mail.
Porn? Nah... I like a good sext. You use your imagination more... makes it much more... interesting.

Hey baby, lemmie hear some of that sext.
by Adustus April 17, 2005
329 280
A portmanteau word - (noun) a sexy text
Baby, I wish I could be with you tonight. Could you make me happy before I sleep and sext me?
by Ben NCM July 08, 2011
75 50