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An amazing girl that without trying, will make you fall for her without even trying. She can strike up an conversation in a flash and you will be able to keep talking until you fall asleep on the keyboard at 3 am. After just a few weeks, you will find that she will become either your best friend or the love of your life. She will always be there for you and awkward...is not a word in her dictionary. However, she can sometimes be foreign with the idea of romance, for she hangs out with boys more than girls. Overall she is one of the few people you need to never forget. When you meet an emily, consider yourself someone who is beyond lucky.
"aw man i spent all night talking to emily!"
by KylewaitforitHua October 19, 2012
the best friend a person could ever have. shes beautiful, gorgeous, and truly looks like an angel. She's perfect in her own way. She knows how to have a good time but still manages to be down to earth when she needs to be. she's talented, smart, and truly brilliant.
"did you hear about that new hot chick"

"oh yea shes my best friend her names Emily, we are biffed out" :)
by ohhh you know... that guy June 16, 2011
A beautiful girl. She's the life of the party and can always make you laugh. You can have conversations with her about absolutely nothing and it will still be hilarious. She can always cheer you up no matter what and always seems to know what to say. She's completely a softe for the ones she loves even though she's a badass (: Emilys are crazy but also awesome. Awesome Emily
Person 1: WOAH, that girl looks fun to be around!
Person 2: Oh yeah thats Emily!
by Hiskitten<3 October 24, 2012
That girl you just wanna spend every minute with. This gurl makes your day 10x better just hearing her name will bring you good luck. Holding her makes time stop and it becomes a moment you never wanna forget. This girl can easily be hurt so make sure you take extra care of her because shes the best thing that will ever come into your life
That girl is just emily
by lilque July 29, 2012
A loving and caring attractive friend who will always be there for you no matter what and does not judge. Need a friend? Shes there! Very caring and thoughtful. Treats you like her brother/sister. Very pretty and has an amazing smile that lights up the room. A look at her and it will make you stop in your tracks. Best and most memorable moments in life will be spent with her. *Approach with caution because the very single moment you lay your eyes on her you will fall in love. Consider yourself warned.*
The girl you know and the reason why your looking up Emily
by D.D.N.Y April 22, 2011
The hottest, most amazing person in the world. Some may even say the universe. Emily is a rare find and if you are lucky enough to actually find her you should keep her forever.
Wow! Look over there. I can see an Emily, Let's keep her she's gorgeous.
by wellhellotherelulz May 21, 2010
A crazy, female creature with medium length brown hair, greenish-blueish eyes, and pale skin
Oh my god! I think it's an Emily!
by misskitty13 July 07, 2011