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A famous viner who also happens to be gorgeous, lovely, cute, hot, kind and an AMAZING singer. He is a Magcon boy who is friends with the likes of Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Jack Johnson (more fit boys). There are no words to describe how perfect he is.
Girl 1: I just... I don't know he's just so... Ughhhhh... Beautiful!

Girl 2: Who? Shawn Mendes.

Girl 1: Of course!

Girl 2: Back off bitch, he's mine.
by CartBrentCamNashTayHayeShawMat April 15, 2014
a motherfucking sex god that fell from the heavens and straight into my pants. He seems innocent on the streets, but he wild in the sheets.
wow did you see Shawn Mendes performance last night? I want him in my pants
by shwnmndslover February 08, 2015

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