one of the most nicestt people i know she will always be there when your sad and lonley she cheers up everyones day sometimes i wish i could look like her but she is so down to earth. she may get under your skin sometimes but you can never hold it against her well how could you she just has so much energy that u want to be her friend. she can never and i mean NEVER say no .

all in all she on of the best and closet friend i know
pearson: im so sad im going to jump off a building

emily: come on dont do that her want a chip and we can talk about alll your problems

pearson: ok
by whodoyouthinkitisyourmom!dummy January 10, 2012
She is a nice girl who has amazing ass friends. She's caring, and loyal, and gives great advice. She make the guys want her hot looks, and amazing legs. She can make everything into a dirty joke and makes everyone's day better. She's a sex goddess, and an amazing friend.
That girl's so sweet, She MUST be an Emily.
by 11232010 June 24, 2011
She's super cool, super hawt, she's the girl you like alot. She's super super EM! She's super super EM!
Wow. She's cool, and hot, and I like her alot! Ooooh And she's super Em. She MUST be an Emily.
by NotEmBem October 14, 2010
bestest friend anyone could ever have. truthful. hilarious. caring. pretty. nice butt. smart school wise. hyper. can get an attitude. dingy at times. loveable. i love my bestest friend!
damn that girl is an emily.

her butt is like emily's
by 43224 April 06, 2011
She's simply beyond perfect. She's the most beautiful girl you could ever see, and you'd be one lucky duck to have her. You can get lost in her beautiful blue eyes, her cute smile, just about everything about her can get you mesmerized. When you compliment her, she denies it, but she knows it's all true.
Cameron: I'm so lucky to have you, Emily <3
by ThatUglyKid April 11, 2011
A loving and caring attractive friend who will always be there for you no matter what and does not judge. Need a friend? Shes there! Very caring and thoughtful. Treats you like her brother/sister. Very pretty and has an amazing smile that lights up the room. A look at her and it will make you stop in your tracks. Best and most memorable moments in life will be spent with her. *Approach with caution because the very single moment you lay your eyes on her you will fall in love. Consider yourself warned.*
The girl you know and the reason why your looking up Emily
by D.D.N.Y April 22, 2011
The hottest, most amazing person in the world. Some may even say the universe. Emily is a rare find and if you are lucky enough to actually find her you should keep her forever.
Wow! Look over there. I can see an Emily, Let's keep her she's gorgeous.
by wellhellotherelulz May 21, 2010
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