A girl with the name Emily can be very shy at first, but she doesn't show it. Once an Emily gets to know you some, she may get a little crazy. Emily is usually artistic with some form of artistic talent. Emily's have the most gorgeous eyes that you can get lost in. This girl is usually romantic and falls in love easily. She is very smart and a big procrastinator. Emily's are very soft on the inside, but they don't let their emotions show to just anybody. They usually hide their emotions for fear of affecting other people's happiness. Emily's are great and loyal friends and they can cheer anybody up. Emily's are good at telling what mood people are in just after a few minutes, so don't try to hide your emotions from them. If you know an Emily, I suggest you confined in her as a friend, as she WILL keep all secrets you share private, and she will never let you down. Emily's are good problem solvers and are very flexible with schedules.
Emily: Hey do you want to hang out tonight?

Friend: I can't, I have to do my homework.

Emily: I don't have any homework, but I can go and help you so you we can hang out and you can get your homework done.

Friend: Sounds great, Thanks!
by Smarti3pants March 22, 2013
Emily's can be a bitch to those they don't like, however if they do like you they seam to be the most beautiful amazing person ever. Even if people don't like her they see her as the most beautiful person ever.
That girl is such an Emily such a bitch but she is beautiful.
That girl is my Emily, my amazing best friend that I love
by emmajt97 January 22, 2011
A strange creature who is often unpredictable and enjoys to spazz attck others, an Emily is a very clumsy person and can often trip over air. She is easily distracted and will sometimes leave you unexpectedly, an Emily sometimes enjoys leaving people at alters.
Person 1: Did you see that girls faceplant on the floor? Ouch!

Person 2: Naww it happens all the time to her, it's cause shes an Emily
by BLB..xoxo <3 ;) January 18, 2011
A girl who will do anything for their friends and will make you laugh non stop. She is also know as legit because she so real with you.
That girl is such an Emily
by im so legit. January 21, 2012
Emily is a beautiful girl, with adorable brown eyes that shine and captivate! With the cutest smile you've ever seen, one that when looked at you smile yourself! She's a girl that loves and is open minded, that will stick by you when you're down. A girl with a huge heart, who just gets treated unfairly and misunderstood. Who saves others by just being beside them, but when she needs saving few are beside her. She's gorgeous beautiful and out, whoever has an Emily will be the luckiest alive in the whole galaxy. Treat her right love her and she'll love you back. She's nice, caring, sweet, never says any wrong about you. Willing to defend you from anyone. She's full of wierdness, randomness and flaws but still perfect! I love the Emily i have! Oce you have one you never want to lose her and if you do, life won't be the same.. She changes you're miserable life and makes it better.
She has a huge heart, she's an Emily!
I'm so lucky i have an Emily.

Feeling like a billionare cause of my Emily
by oreo'smilky March 28, 2013
Emily is way cool. She is a smart and beautiful girl even though she won't admit it. She is tall and has great boobs. She is a great best friend and can keep your secrets. She is quite attractive but she usually goes for older guys which doesn't seem to work out for her. She is very humble and won't believe you when you compliment her. Guys are usually kind of afraid of her, so they don't approach her, but if you like an Emily you should text her, if she texts back fast and with replies more than "yeah" "ok" and "haha" she might like you so go for it. Emily also can be slightly mean if you start to annoy her so if she starts to say ^ those things through text or in person alot you might need to back off for a little while because she will freak out on you.
Guy- Emily is pretty cool and kinda cute but I'm afraid to talk to her cause she seems a little mean.

Person- goh how can Emily not study and make such good grades, it's unfair....

Best Friend- ha Emily? She's a goob but I love her, even though she towers over me
by RCSS September 13, 2011
An amazing girl that without trying, will make you fall for her without even trying. She can strike up an conversation in a flash and you will be able to keep talking until you fall asleep on the keyboard at 3 am. After just a few weeks, you will find that she will become either your best friend or the love of your life. She will always be there for you and awkward...is not a word in her dictionary. However, she can sometimes be foreign with the idea of romance, for she hangs out with boys more than girls. Overall she is one of the few people you need to never forget. When you meet an emily, consider yourself someone who is beyond lucky.
"aw man i spent all night talking to emily!"
by KylewaitforitHua October 19, 2012
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