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The sweetest person you will ever meet. At first you may not like her but when you get to no her you will fall in love. She may not think that she is the hottest girl in the world but in your heart you no that she is the prettyest person in the universe. She will always look great in her bathing suit and has the best body. If you have and Emily hold onto her as long as you possibly can. I have an Emily and hope I have her forever.
by 6132013 June 14, 2013
Emily is a great girl. Loves her friends, she has a fantastic laugh that everyone loves. She would do anything for her friends and always puts mates before dates. Although she's never dated, she says that she doesn't want to and will wait until she's ready to have a girlfriend. She never puts a foot out of place. Everyone wants an Emily as a best friend.
'Aw, that Emily, she's so sweet.'
'Yeah, an absolute angel.'
by thenamehacker October 27, 2012
The funniest girl on earth!!! She is a good friend and everyone who knows her loves her!
Person 1: "hey is that Emily?
Person 2: "OMG IT'S EMILY!!!!!!
by Pink lover November 05, 2013
One of the most beautiful people in the world. If you get one, you better keep her. They are usually nice but go through rough times. All the boys want to be around her. She is always funny, kind, loving, and amazing. All Emily's look different, but always look like a goddess. They gain many friends, lose many friends, and keep many friends. Just like always, they are characters in a book called life. Emily's are mostly sporty and have beautiful eyes. Her eyes are very easy to get lost in. You have to love Emily's!
John: Man, I really like Emily! I can't help but get lost in her eyes.

Parker: I know! She's like a goddess sent from Heaven!

John: Heaven on Earth!
by flexibleblonde November 04, 2013
The most amazing, beautiful person you will ever know. She is sweeter than gummy bears and she is spectacularly smart but doesn't exactly think so. She is a gift to the world.
Person 1: "Whoa she is such an Emily."
Person 2: "I know right?"
by Sandwich112233 October 06, 2013
A beautiful person with an awesome character and is super nice. She is smart but does not brag. She is a person anyone can love. Emily are very rare these days, so when you find one keep them close.
Emily you're an awesome person, nobody can compare
by a gay computer June 09, 2014
An Emily is a person that has beautiful eyes that capture a man's eyes! They are very nice, bubbly, sweet, smart, pretty and many more. They are perfect girlfriends because of there humor, personality, and that they are drop dead gorgeous. If a Emily likes you make sure to keep her close because she most likely be your favorite girlfriend. Emily's are a huge treasure so if you find one that you really live her as a friend, keep her close and have fun and enjoy the time with each other when you hang out. Tip: if you find a Emily and they like you make sure to remember that and to maybe think about asking bc them out because they are the best girlfriends!
Oh did you see that Emily? She is beautiful
by cutie 90 May 03, 2013