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The most amazing girl you will ever meet, she is stubborn, funny, and can't spell words the right way...
Emily is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
by cutegirl123 April 12, 2013
10 3
A beautiful girl. She typically has light brown, curly hair, that is long and flowing. Her eyes are hazel, and you get lost in them. She is fun, and VERY smart. She is especially interested in medicine, and would love to be a doctor. She loves music, and could probably play piano. She is not all serious though. She loves to pull pranks and joke with her friends. She is not interested in boys, especially the "hipster" types. She likes smart, clean cut, boy-next-door types. Emily is a great person.
Wow, look at that girl over there! She looks like an Emily!
by Lyrics are Life September 30, 2012
18 11
A crazy, female creature with medium length brown hair, greenish-blueish eyes, and pale skin
Oh my god! I think it's an Emily!
by misskitty13 July 07, 2011
44 37
The most amazing person in the world, smart, beautiful, funny,

caring. Emily is the one person that you can trust with anything, who doesn't think any less of you when you tell her things, and will always share your emotions. If you ever meet an Emily, never let her go, hold her forever and ever.
Scott: "I met someone last night"
Brian: "Who"?
Scott: "Her name is Emily"
Brian: "Wow dude you're so lucky"
by TheManInside March 18, 2013
9 3
Emily is a girl who has gorgeous almond shaped, honey colored eyes. One single look into them will have you hypnotized. She has beautiful, long, brunette, curly hair which all the other girls are jealous of. She has an amazing pair of legs and bum which i'd kill for!! The best thing about this girl is her sense of humor. She can make you laugh at almost anything and she has the most unique laugh. Her smile when she laughs is so adorable, it almost makes me melt! The thing about Emily though, is that she can get very emotional. She's very sensitive about the things people say and needs a cuddle every now and then. She's the bestest best friend anyone can wish for!
by edgar the egg November 28, 2012
14 8
Emily is the most amazing girl ever to walk on this earth. She will be the girl of your dreams and you know it.
I love you emily bayne
by Matt Bayne April 10, 2011
45 38
an amazing friend that you can be true to. she is trustworthy and a strong character. Emily is funny friendly and is a true friend.
I'm so glad that Emily is my friend.
by Beckybb52 March 06, 2012
13 8