The most amazing person in the world, smart, beautiful, funny,

caring. Emily is the one person that you can trust with anything, who doesn't think any less of you when you tell her things, and will always share your emotions. If you ever meet an Emily, never let her go, hold her forever and ever.
Scott: "I met someone last night"
Brian: "Who"?
Scott: "Her name is Emily"
Brian: "Wow dude you're so lucky"
by TheManInside March 18, 2013
A beautiful person with an awesome character and is super nice. She is smart but does not brag. She is a person anyone can love. Emily are very rare these days, so when you find one keep them close.
Emily you're an awesome person, nobody can compare
by a gay computer June 09, 2014
An average white girl who throws apples at people's heads.
Jake, why did you throw an apple at Jackson? You are a totally Emily.
by CameronBri January 21, 2015
The most amazing girl you will ever meet, she is stubborn, funny, and can't spell words the right way...
Emily is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
by cutegirl123 April 12, 2013
an amazing friend that you can be true to. she is trustworthy and a strong character. Emily is funny friendly and is a true friend.
I'm so glad that Emily is my friend.
by Beckybb52 March 06, 2012
Emily is a sweet girl who can be kind of a spaz at times. But is very pretty and smart.

She will probably end up with a Devon or a Michael
"Wow Emily you're so smart, no wonder thats your name!"
"Emily, you and Devon are destined for each other!"
by blackandbluerainbow December 02, 2011
The funniest girl on earth!!! She is a good friend and everyone who knows her loves her!
Person 1: "hey is that Emily?
Person 2: "OMG IT'S EMILY!!!!!!
by Pink lover November 05, 2013
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