Beautiful, sweet, amazing, innocent, caring person you will ever meet. Caring about others all the time, and if something goes wrong she's always by your side. A very powerful woman, but can sometimes doubt herself. She is always loyal and has a good edge to her, and a good humor at that. Outstanding girl, beautiful inside and out. :)
I just love elizabeth so much, she's so great.
by lemonb45 June 24, 2013
A Elizabeth is a a very passionate, enthusiastic, sweet, innocent, happy, fun, beautiful girl. She is caring and is always there for all her friends. She is so adorable and cute and is so easy to talk to and is always great to share a laugh with! An Elizabeth is the ultimate woman. Elegantly beautiful with energy that attracts all personalities. She possesses the ability to analyze the nature of others' personalities, as well as, her own. This deep reflection and her directness provides her with the characteristics of a loyal friend and lover. Elizabeth is also a name for the sexiest, most gorgeous, amazing, and the most beautiful girl in the world with the best body ever. This girl is the sweetest and has the best personality, is absolutely stunning, and is the best at sex. Every guy should date a Elizabeth.
by beautifulgirlsonly November 05, 2013
Elizabeth is such a lovely person! She is also so good at poetry! Shes someone that you can talk to everyday and still not get sick of because she has just the best personality and has the best jokes! Every joke she makes is a laugh and a smile from another person. Elizabeth is from Hungry Jacks, because shes a stunner. Some people call her Elizabeth, but i call her Bubbly Beth Anastasi. She has an absolutely killer smile and killer eyes. We didn't choose the Bubbly life, the Bubbly life chose us. SAYY PINEAPPLE! Bubbly to Bubbly.
Ethan: Brooo, who is that?!!!
Jacob: Thats my sister, elizabeth..
by Bubbly Branco April 18, 2013
The most amazing girl ever to exist in the world. Cares about everyone and always makes you smile. Is hilarious and is the life of the party but also knows when to be serious. If you are ever lucky enough to be with her she will love you with all of her heart. I love you Elizabeth! I hope we will be together forever. -Matthew
Matthew: Elizabeth is the best
Chris: pfft
Matthew: you are just jealous
by Melizamatthew June 09, 2013
A sweet and kind, insecure girl. You'll tell her she is beautiful but she won't believe you. Elizabeth is an amazing person. If she likes you, you are a very lucky guy and should take the opportunity while you still can. She will care for and do anything for the guy she likes. Don't take her for granted. Elizabeth like hispanic guys and is usually hispanic as well. Sometimes when she is nervous she will shake and not think properly. You might think she has "blonde moments" but it's just her when she is nervous. Elizabeth is adorable and once she falls for you she can't get back up no mater how hard she tries.
Guy 1- Hey dude, Elizabeth totally likes you, she gets so nervous around you.

Guy2- I don't know, maybe me and her should just stay friends.
Guy1- That's a stupud thing to say. You NEED to date her!!
by heythere72 September 04, 2013
The most beautiful younger sister. This person is sporty and totally themself, she knows what she wants and how to get it.
When Elizabeth tries out for the softball team she pushes herself to get better to make the team then works to get better. When she is learning a dance she goes over it again and again so she knows it and does it well.
by M-Lynn March 21, 2013
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