An Elizabeth is often short and has extremly big boobs but not much of a butt. She is usally very skinny or "a good size" and very very pretty. Elizabeths lips are perfect she is an amazing kisser and a freak in bed. She has small hands that guys love to hold. She loves her brown hair very much but trys not to brag. (it is amazing!)

Elizabeths sometimes have skinny legs that might have scars here and there, because Elizabeths are fearless and are always doing crazy stunts and getting in trouble. She is beautiful on the outside but shes gorgeus on the inside. A heart of gold and always puts others before herslef. Doesn't always have many friends because most girls are jealous of her, but she usally has alot of guy friends. Shes always in a reletionship with the wrong guy. She falls easy and most times no one is there to catch her. Elizabeths usally give alot of love and don't usally get very much back. Elizabeths have an amazing sense of humor, and there laughs are contagess. Elizabeth is VERY ditsy but VERY smart. Guys are afraid to talk to her because of her awesomeness and girls are intimadated by her beauty.
"Woah! Did you see that girl!?!? Shes perfect! Must be an Elizabeth!"
Girl-"Ugh. Look its Elizabeth."
Guy-"Shes gorgeus."
Girl-"Shes a slut!"
Guy-"What are you talking about? Your jealous. Just admit it."
by Go go go boooots!! January 15, 2011
The most awesome, random, best frend ever!!!!! (yes i spelled that wrong on purpose)
Elizabeth is.... AWESOME PERSON!
by RedPaintRedRose December 06, 2010
Girls by this name are normally depicted as the most gorgeous, smart, caring and awesome people that have ever roamed the earth. These seemingly angels from heaven are, and everyone agrees with me, the best thing that has happened to the world. However most elizabeths have the problem of being obsessed with Justin Bieber
Me: Betcha whatever her name is Elizabeth
*She comes closer*
*Guy Faints*
Elizabeth: What's his problem?
Me: Nothing... it's probably that your gorgeousness knocked him out... Oh Well
by Julord1234/JAXXX November 26, 2010
Elizabeth is what we call a "bubbly" person, she lets out this amazing vibe. Sometimes Elizabeth can be a little bit of a "blonde" at some situations but that just makes her 100% even more cuter. Elizabeth has an amazing personality to meet, anyone could get along with this person. Her jokes are just the cutest things out! Her jokes will make your day any day, and will put a ridiculously fat smile on your face. In summary Elizabeth is a cool person.
Jacob: Hey isn't that Elizabeth?
Ethan: Yeah! shes a friend at school! shes just amazing at everything she does!

Jacob: WOW, she sounds like a really good person to meet!
Ethan: yeah, shes the best!
by Bubbly Branco April 16, 2013
Elizabeth, the E is for Elegant, the L is for Loving, the I is for Intelligent, the Z is for Zebra, the A is for Amazing, the B is for Beautiful, the E is for Extraordinary, the T is for Trustworthy and the H is for Humorous. Elegant, Loving, Intelligent, Zebra, Amazing, Beautiful, Extraordinary, Trustworthy and Humorous. Sounds like an Elizabeth Anastasi to me.
BillGates: Bro, you know that Elizabeth girl, she has one beautiful face.
Jacob: Bro?! thats my sister!
*Bill gets a punch in the face*
by Bubbly Branco April 19, 2013
A girl that is sweet as 3.14 (Pi)!
Small and cute, but can be bossy and stubborn some times.
So smart and sharp like a blade
Because she has a very high GPA.
Very adorable and tiny
Just like a penny....
Just kidding about the penny
Because she is very pretty!
A kiss from her will make you live longer
And a hug from her will make you look younger
O! It's Elizabeth! So cute!
by "O" Asian boy June 04, 2013
She is the nicest most gorgeous person you will ever meet. She is interesting, caring and creative. She loves the earth. She loves to ride her bike. You will meet no one else like her.
Elizabeth, caring, earthy
by Em3476 August 11, 2011
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