A sweet and kind, insecure girl. You'll tell her she is beautiful but she won't believe you. Elizabeth is an amazing person. If she likes you, you are a very lucky guy and should take the opportunity while you still can. She will care for and do anything for the guy she likes. Don't take her for granted. Elizabeth like hispanic guys and is usually hispanic as well. Sometimes when she is nervous she will shake and not think properly. You might think she has "blonde moments" but it's just her when she is nervous. Elizabeth is adorable and once she falls for you she can't get back up no mater how hard she tries.
Guy 1- Hey dude, Elizabeth totally likes you, she gets so nervous around you.

Guy2- I don't know, maybe me and her should just stay friends.
Guy1- That's a stupud thing to say. You NEED to date her!!
by heythere72 September 04, 2013
The most gorgeous girl in the world.Who is pretty,trustworthy,loyal girl I know and one day I will grow the balls to ask this gorgeous angel from heaven out.
Elizabeth is gorgeous
by Fvmousss June 08, 2014
1. a member of the human species with the biggest heart out of all of the rest. Kind to all. Smart but doesn't think so. So funny that one can make anyone laugh. Extremely beautiful because of physicality along with inward aspects. A wise ass in the best way possible. Talented in more ways then anyone can count. Non judgmental and makes the best friend. If you are lucky to be in a relationship with one you better treat them wonderful and hold on to them because they are not easily found.

2. The most wonderful and beautiful human being ever created.
You can tell by how she helped that stranger she's an Elizabeth.
by Jupiter13 October 26, 2014
Is a bitch who's name is Elizabeth she's usually always around guys or always with boy. She thinks she is the top of everything and is oblivious to the amount of chins she has. hmm... Elizabeth's are usually nasty people who start drama in places they were not wanted, but can also be interesting creature to watch. she may have brown hair and brown eyes.
1: Elizabeth just broke up with Daniel how is she with John now?
2: I don't know man, she's messed up.
by giggleboy February 02, 2014

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