A fine ass lady with big titties who sits in a cubicle all day drinking coffee and lookin sexy. all day everyday.
Damn, bro did you see Elizabeth today, she's sexy as hell
by that guy acroos the hall November 23, 2010
1. a member of the human species with the biggest heart out of all of the rest. Kind to all. Smart but doesn't think so. So funny that one can make anyone laugh. Extremely beautiful because of physicality along with inward aspects. A wise ass in the best way possible. Talented in more ways then anyone can count. Non judgmental and makes the best friend. If you are lucky to be in a relationship with one you better treat them wonderful and hold on to them because they are not easily found.

2. The most wonderful and beautiful human being ever created.
You can tell by how she helped that stranger she's an Elizabeth.
by Jupiter13 October 26, 2014
The most gorgeous girl in the world.Who is pretty,trustworthy,loyal girl I know and one day I will grow the balls to ask this gorgeous angel from heaven out.
Elizabeth is gorgeous
by Fvmousss June 08, 2014
An innocent, beautiful girl. Elizabeth is always like a rare flower; she blossoms and blooms in every interesting and u expecting way.In the face of sorrow and desperation, she is the one who notices the small beauty's and soon has the whole world smiling. Elizabeth is compelling, talented, and cares so much about her friends and loved ones. She will be the first to lend a helping hand. Elizabeth has a way with animals,people, and nature. Her smile is so bright she could light an entire city.She is not perfect, and she accepts that, and is concious that her friends are'nt either. Boys pile up to talk one sentence to her. Peers want to kiss her, kill her , or be her.
Santa : "Elizabeth, what do you want for Christmas?"
Elizabeth: " For you and the world to be happy, healthy, honest, educated, and free. That is all I want, and I will trade it in for all my Christmas presents from now beyond. "
Santa : " Don't you want something for yourself?"
Elizabeth: " Life is too short to only think about yourself. Plus, don't you agree that it is better to help everybody rather than get a toy until you are a grown-up?"
by clairtistic April 15, 2015
The nicest and funniest girl you'll ever meet ! You may make fun of her height but she can whoop you in 1 2 3 ! Little but she got a bubble butt ;) Makes people laugh all the time and is crazy at times . Everybody loves to be around Elizabeth. Boys go crazy over her but there never the ones .
Damn , did you see Elizabeth today?
by LettingTheTruthOut December 29, 2014
The best girl in the world. She has little friends but is ok with that. She is wild when she is around her real friends and more quite when she is around the people she does hang out with. She is one of the most loving person in the world. She loves to help people too.
Elizabeth- Sara want to come over to my house
Sara- I would love to Elizabeth your my best friend
by 5678910 May 02, 2015
Elizabeth is either goth/emo or into unicorns and butterflies, with no between. She is reserved, but if you get to know her, she opens up little by little. Elizabeth is a pretty girl who is smart and caring, but she beats herself up about it. If you ever meet an Elizabeth, you've found the right friend. Because in your darkest days, they've been through that and got your back. Elizabeth is an amazingly sweet girl.
Elizabeth: OMG, are you okay??!!
Me: I'm just down today... ;/
Elizabeth: It's alright, I get you. Let's go get ice cream and pizza.
by x.cookie.x February 07, 2015

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