Can be nerdy pretty or not. Her hair is always a mess but she doesn't care. Her compliments sound like disses and her disses disceptively sound like compliments. Always in a relationship and loyal. :) If she loves you she loves the hell out of you, will defend you no matter what, will do anything for you. She only likes people she considers genuine. If you don't like her do not waste your time, she will know and hate you more for faking it. If she doesn't like you she won't be mean, she'll be short with you. If you are rude to her once, you might as well be invisible to her. She loves people that yell the truth even if it's rude, like kids and old curmudgeons. She's really funny if you like an evil sense of humor. It takes a lot for her to warm up but if she trusts you and likes you, you hold a special place in her heart forever. Think Emily Dickenson without the poems.
Elizabeth, do you have to listen to that Journey song again?!!!
by Elizabeth12345 February 04, 2010
A fantastic girl and one of the best out there. She is beautiful, outgoing, energetic and completely breathtaking. When Elizabeth is in the room you tend to forget about everyone else and just want to be with her; and when you are looking into her eyes you will get the sensation that you are falling. She makes you feel like you are both invincible and highly vulnerable at the same time
guy 1: "hey I'm dating Elizabeth!"

guy 2: "No way she's awesome man congrats."

Guy 1: "I know! I don't know how I got so lucky."
by Mashley12 August 29, 2010
Elizabeth’s are sweet, beautiful, a perfect lover, and a great sex partner. Before dating, she is EXTRMELY flirtatious, but in a subtle romantic way. Elizabeth's have high standards, and like to stick to good old fashion values. Elizabeth's are very fashionable, and go with trends but manage to make the style their own. Elizabeth's will hardly ever back down (even if they don't show it). At first they might be difficult to get along with but once you have won them over they are the truest and most loyal friends out there. Elizabeth's are extremely funny and spunky. They have fun, innocent ways of winning their lovers heart. Other girls tend to be jealous and consider her a slut... this is quite possibly true, more likely just a tease! Elizabeth's tend to be religious, but also have heavy paranormal ora. Elizabeth's over all are the perfect women.
guy 1 "Dude, did you see Elizabeth today?! Damn!"
guy 2 "I've wanted her since jr high!"
guy 1 "good luck with that! Shes out of everybody's league!"

girl "Do you like my hair? I'm trying to make it like Elizabeth's"

Guy 1 "I'm in love with her!"
guy 2 "Who?"
guy1 "elizabeth!"
guy 2 "So is everybody else dude!"
by *~Adviser~* September 27, 2010
One of the most amazing people to ever walk the face of the earth. They are adoreable, insanely smart, awesome at anything they do, fun to be around, and the life of the party! They are very sociable, make friends easily, know how to make everyone laugh, and are there for you at times when nobody else is. They always know exactly what to say. They are talented, beautiful, and the best friend anyone could ever ask for. They are attracted by some magnetic force to people that they are supposed to help...whether it be just to give them a friend, a shoulder to cry on, or to save their lives....and they do an amazing job at it!

Common nicknames include but are not limited to: Liz, Lizzy, Izz, or Izzy.
Wow. That person is the coolest person I've ever met! She must be an Elizabeth!

I miss you Izzy!

Everyone needs an Elizabeth in there life!
by jdawgheartsizzy August 28, 2010
Every white, anglo-saxon protestant girl's middle name. This occurs because Elizabeth sounds agreeable with every other proper noun.
White Girl 1: Hi. My name's Courtney Elizabeth.
White Girl 2: Wow, I'm Katherine Elizabeth!
White Girl 3: I can't believe it! I'm Danielle Elizabeth, and this is my sister Denise Elizabeth!
by ObliviousPunk July 29, 2008
A beautiful Red-headed girl, who is probably one of the coolest people ever. Also known as "Sunshine."
"I hung out with Elizabeth last night. It was a lot of fun!"
by Katie Jayne January 06, 2007
A Beautiful person as a whole. SOmeone I miss with all my heart. Even though I am 2600 miles away I will never forget her. My First love. Someone whom everytime i look to the night sky i think of her.
Hey why does he look so happy?

Oh he must be dating an Elizabeth!
by Aharo... December 12, 2010

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