The nicest and funniest girl you'll ever meet ! You may make fun of her height but she can whoop you in 1 2 3 ! Little but she got a bubble butt ;) Makes people laugh all the time and is crazy at times . Everybody loves to be around Elizabeth. Boys go crazy over her but there never the ones .
Damn , did you see Elizabeth today?
by LettingTheTruthOut December 29, 2014
Elizabeth is either goth/emo or into unicorns and butterflies, with no between. She is reserved, but if you get to know her, she opens up little by little. Elizabeth is a pretty girl who is smart and caring, but she beats herself up about it. If you ever meet an Elizabeth, you've found the right friend. Because in your darkest days, they've been through that and got your back. Elizabeth is an amazingly sweet girl.
Elizabeth: OMG, are you okay??!!
Me: I'm just down today... ;/
Elizabeth: It's alright, I get you. Let's go get ice cream and pizza.
by x.cookie.x February 07, 2015
Awesome, smart girl that makes people happy. Really pretty and even though sometimes depressed, always knows how to make someone laugh or smile. she also has a nice ass.
~ Have you seen that girl, Elizabeth?
~Yeah she's kinda depressed
~but she just made that one guy laugh so hard he fell out of his chair.

~That's an Elizabeth for you! :)
by e.Hizzle May 16, 2015
Elizabeth's are very pretty girls that are usually brown headed with brown eyes and a very pretty not popular but still social
-Look at her she is H-O-T
-she must be a Elizabeth
-I hope so she is so pretty
by Idk💕 April 30, 2016
a pre-school girl, who it nice and pretty and gets all the boys. usually boys named isaias
elizabeth: hi isaias
isaias: hi bby
elizabeth: hey lets go hold hands but don't tell your sisters
isaias: okk bby<3
by sexymama123435t345244324 December 29, 2014
Elizabeth's are overall the best women out there. They always seem to be smart, funny, exceptionally beautiful, happy, someone who when she enters the room everyone will notice her. Some Elizabeth's may come from a "bad house" or were raised with one not so great parent but if they get past this they can overcome anything! Elizabeth's are the greatest friends possible they will support you when needed, worry for you when things aren't alright, and will always make you smile. Elizabeth's make the best of Bae's because they will always be there for you, to check how your life is, and to assist you in anyway possible. Elizabeth's will often have scars on her legs because of how daring and open to challenges and new things. Elizabeth's will often not have many friends, because she is far too hot for any girl to not be jealous of her, her main choice in friends is males because they aren't jealous of her. Elizabeth's will always be getting put down by girls so actually listen to what she has to say and try to help in anyway possibles even if you can do nothing she will thank you for it an love you more. She may have trust problems but after chatting for about two years she'll be an open book. Elizabeth's are short with big boobs not the biggest butt, but a nice looking booty none the less they also have beautiful hair. She may be an elegant woman but don't let that misdirect you! She's still a goof and a nerd some show it others will burry it down.
"Elizabeth is so hot! Holly damn!"

"She's such a bitch! How does she look better than me!!!"
by Mad memes bro July 14, 2016
A reference to both queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Taylor. When someone, a gay man in particular, is queening out about something small or just being a drama queen in general.
John: I am so over this day! First, I was late to work and then I spilled coffee all over my brand new Banana Republic chinos. What's going to happen next? I'll probably get hit by a car walking home! I want to go home, get in bed, and never come out again!

Wayne: Ok, calm down, Elizabeth. It's not the end of the world.
by Baby Gadzooks June 19, 2016
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