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A male that has gone an extended period of time (at least two weeks) without having the pleasure of release from an orgasm from sex with a willing partner.
After breaking up with his girlfriend, Gary went almost a month having no luck at getting laid. He finally cured his case of Dry Bag with a good old fashioned wank into his gak towel.
by Auna Bender February 05, 2015
1. (n)The rare occurrence of ejaculation exhaustion. Occurs due to furious masturbation or fornication, whereas there is no remaining sperm or seminal fluids due to previous recent expulsion. An honorable achievement in adolescence. (v) drybagged, (adv) drybagging
"Sorry I couldn't sell any bonds today, I got wicked drybag from Slammin my Sammy from all this porn I look at all day."

by Rocco O April 10, 2008
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