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Little brown fucking machine powered by rice.
Guy1:That is one hot LBFM PBR!
Guy2: PBR?
Guy1: Powered by rice baby!
by erb1er August 10, 2007
when you can't get away from an old man due to his Vietnam war stories.
I was Nambushed on the way to the break room today.
by erb1er August 08, 2007
first generation Mexican-American. That didn't have to swim over.
I work with a bunch of drybacks.
by erb1er August 08, 2007
A female with all the meat in the ass.
Dannggg!!! The new chick has some little lobster going on.
by erb1er August 10, 2007
this is a super secret form of the word nigger.
That ninja dropped the ball.
by erb1er September 11, 2007

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