Substances that control you, change you, damage you, and/or eventually kill you.
Bob: Hey man, you want a ciggerette?
Bill: No. I dont do drugs.
Bob: Come one man. Just one.
Bill: No. I dont want those things in my system.
Bob: Whatever man.
by Summers4u2 June 07, 2014
The cause and answer to all of life's problems.
I was stoned and forgot to bring home Taco Bell for my girlfriend so she broke up with me. I took a few shots of whatever shitty liquor i had in the house, and smoked a couple blunts. I didn't even feel upset at all anymore. Drugs really helped me out there.
by Word Wizard Guy April 02, 2012
Edward Anthony Balthazar Lucas @_edlucas
"Oh I wanna go on a mad one tonight, shall we get some Ed?"

"Ed Lucas is drugs"
by Naomi Lapaglia February 07, 2014
Something people use to get high. Most religious people don't use it, although many do. It is a personal choice (although I don't believe in them). They are natural, but are rather unhealthy.
Sean: Why is that kid screwing that chipmunk?
Evan: Drugs, probably
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 10, 2011
proof god wanted us to be happy
guy 1: dude drugs are bad for you

stoner: you only say that cuz its illegal, bro...they help me escape the troubles for a bit
by ale-ale-jandro August 25, 2011
Based on personal experience, I could observe that people who consume drugs do it because: #1) They are trying to cover up/hide a part of their lives that they are not content with, they have a void that they try to cover(Numb a negative part of themselves). #2) They have very low-self esteem/self-confidence in order to approach a situation the long-hard working way, so instead they take the easy temporal way out, making them easier to become victims of peer pressure and fall into the wrong hands. Just like the alcoholic drinks to forget, the drug user consumes and might develop an addiction so he/she can't stop feeling good. The truth is, people who do drugs are not authentic. What do I mean by that? When they're high, everything around them seems almost perfect, but you know that everything that goes up, has to come down, so when they get out of the "high stage", their feelings and emotions come crashing down, showing their true colors. Being addicted to substances such as Marijuana makes it think "Oh, I can smoke as much weed as I feel because you can't die from an overdose" is a real misconception, because you don't know what it does to your brain, since everyone's body reacts different in some level to a foreign substance. But nowadays, drug users act as doctors/psychiatrists who know "what it does to them" and how much they can do" in order to "function". Seek help and don't allow drugs to ruin your life.
"I can quit whenever I want to, because I'm in control"
Frequent phrase of drug users who show a clear addiction.
Drugs ruin the most important thing about you: Your mind.
by FriendswoodResident August 16, 2011
the action of doing something, bringing something somewhere, or forcing something somewhere, can be used in place of the word dragged, means same thing.
I was drug out of the bar by the bouncers last night, or the fish on my line drug me all around the lake
by Dr. Smithinhouse May 09, 2009
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