FUCKING AWESOME!!! One of the best joys in life.
Any teenager who hasn't done some kinda drug: marjuana, coke, E, shrooms, etc. has not lived. yaaa man, do it.
by blaze4ever March 16, 2005
Drug: an incorrect past-tense adjective of drag, as in dragged.
Another example of made-up words used by our colonial cousins across the pond
The Grizzly Bear 'drug' the Black Bear from down the tree trunk - really?!!
in English: The Black Bear was 'dragged' from the tree trunk by the Grizzly Bear.
by Campaign for real English July 04, 2013
Something that the youth of today detests, and the adults of today injest.
Kid A: That lesson on drugs today baffled me. Why would anyone destroy themselves like that?
Kid B: I don't know. Noone I know does it. And I'm never gonna do it neither.
Kid B: Daaaaaamn straight!

Adult A: Damn kids today, always roaming around causing trouble *puff*.
Adult B: Yeah, good for nothing minors. I would never have shown my dad the disrespect the media claims that most kids show their parents *puff*....damn this weed is strong.
Adult A: *choke choke* yeah I know what you mean...*puff*....we are.....we are smarter than the youth of today....*puff*...
by thehitcher03 April 07, 2009
Drugs are a very broad category of things that can really make a guy act like a complete ass. He will then proceed to blame the drugs because he was stupid and thirsty from them.
Man, I do not remember anything about last night, must have been the drugs. Oh wait, shhhiiiitt............
by Lilbreebriiiiiiiii May 27, 2014
Some good some bad... when used can provied one with hours of entertainment...
pot...shrooms...cocaine and so on
every sane person has tried some sorta drug at least once
by Stoner#1 May 03, 2005
a fun way to lose weight.
Hey man, I was trippin yesterday, and I hardly ate, and I was jumpin up and down all day.
by melloncollie May 21, 2004
Mankind's way of borrowing happiness from the future at a high interest rate.
After a night of drinking, popping pills, and snorting coke, the addict wakes up to the reality that they continually try to escape via drugs and lots of masturbation.
by thc lover May 17, 2014

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