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A fine ass motherfucker!! aww yeaha
M'mm so sexy. A guy who has the hip hop style mixed wit that hott preppy style!
That boy is like Kyne! So so fine wit his collar poped up like that!
by smurfy May 19, 2004
People used to explore the dimensions of reality by taking LSD to make the world look weird. The world is weird & they take PROZAC to make it look normal...
Whatever happened to SEX DRUGS and ROCK n' ROLL
Now all we have is AID CRACK and TECHNO
(There is nothin' wrong wit techno...)
...or is there
by Smurfy May 19, 2004
a movie you can kick bak wit and light yo greenery. got dat rite bitch! -words of dave chappelle
Thurgood Jenkins: Guys, just shutup 'bout the weed for two seconds. I don't want this girl to know I smoke!
Scarface: Yeah...it's bad enough you a janitor, YO!
Thurgood Jenkins: Custodian, Biotch! I don't do drugs, though. Just weed....
by smurfy May 19, 2004
That green shit that makes people especially indian asian and asian asian have paranoid trips. (when together) *cough cough*
just playin'
The way after effects are good... how good... find out
A.A.: damn mon that shit made me so fuckin' paranoid
I.A.: yeah mon, that ain't eva happen to me before
A.A: Did i just call my grand-ma? or maybe i called my aunt? or maybe it was my mama.. *puzzled*
I.A.: shit man stop askin' me dat! maybe it was your grand-ma...naw it was yo auntie! *extreamly puzzled*
by smurfy May 19, 2004
term used to fcuk someone up
man i'ma fuck you up like Kama Sutra! aww yeaha (Asian asian)
by smurfy May 19, 2004

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