not that fucking important, fun, entertainment, beats spending money on useless shit like 90 quid shoes
why take drugs i bought this great jacket for only a 100 pounds
when my friend corey gets really fucked up and starts to see canadian mounties and drives a car and crashes it leaves it there adn gets grounded by his parents
corey: did you say something
me: no did you
corey: i just saw a mountee
Corey: im trippin on these drugs man
by Dr.Pompeii October 28, 2006
rocket, narc, love boat, kiss, illmatic, ice, fix, dro, dope, candy.
on that one southpark episode mr. garrison used drugs and had sex with a fucking hippie
by the parsh February 02, 2003
another word for dope; cool
You this lessen plan is mad drugs yo.
by Mattizle October 23, 2006
Something weak minded people put in their bodies cause they cant handle shit, cause their weak.

Drugs are also known to be Coolness Enhancers, making children instantly popular and cool as soon as they pop a pill, to bad they'll end up bogan junkies with a bombed out ute on their lawn, living on the doll and with 5 ugly kids who they hate. also i saw that 'eachandeveryday' fucked on about how he loves poppin pills yet is a successful lawyer, well great job mate you lie for money, scumbag junkie, ur probs a shit lawyer anyway.
jack dude since he loves the drugs
by cpt.crunch May 13, 2009
Drugs are the only thing worth doing - Other than sex and shambling down to the mall... Coz who is prepared for a life full of lies and failing relationships?
Hey Vag... What we gunna do today? Get fucked and shimmy down to the mem!!!!
by Josh! January 16, 2005

drugs are cool, and people who are on them sometimes make great music.
a week ago, i got my little sister smoking weed. soon, i'm going to get her hooked on stronger drugs.
by Anonymous0945 October 29, 2007

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