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1. shortform of brazil or brazilian

2. in online gaming:

i)Brazilian: A respectable and knowledgeable online gamer who hails from the South American nation of Brazil.

ii)Br: A dumbass online gamer who also hails from Brazil but is ignorant of rules and disrespectful of fellow gamers. Uses his or her lack of knowledge of the English language to try and get away with breaking rules

iii) can be used as a deregatory term to fellow online gamers who are displaying acts of stupidity
Damn Br stole my kill

I feel sorry for normal brazillians, their reputations are tarnished because of those dumbass Br's

Your acting like a Br
by Squishmanchu February 25, 2006
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BR: initials that represent "Brazillian".
They speak portugese and seem to say 'Puta' a fair amout. They also steal your kills when playing an online game, ask you for zeny, then run off saying they are gonna report you.
They speak horrible english, and say NUB! and "I r n0+ nub" lots.
you: no f off br.
br: puta FSUK j00 HEAL ME PLX n00b
by sukahashi March 17, 2005
There is one meaning of this word, that is "Dumbass." So if anyone calls you a br, be offended.
Br: Br?
Random_noob: YOU ARE OMFG
by Snat April 07, 2005
1. Abbreviation of the word Brazil, or Brazilian. In online video games, often put at the end of players usernames and guilds to denote their home country.

2a Racial slur used to describe people from Brazil in online video games. BRs are often despised due to the large population of them that practice killstealing, spamming, begging for buffs and plvls and carrying on in their own language on Fullshout or another device that can transport messages across the entire "world".

2b. Also used to describe people that don't understand the English language well or partake in the aformentioned activities.

3. Acronym of the words "Born Retarded". Not often used.
1. Names like "DeathSlayerBR" and "GuerreiroBR" are used on MMORPG's with depressing regularities.

2a. BR: Buff por favor
Unsuspecting Ringmaster/Cleric/Priest/ any other thing that gives buffs: Here you go (buffs BR)
BR: Mais buffs. Plvl por favor.
RM/Cleric: AH! It's like a bloodsucking leech! Go away!
BR: (On fullshout) Livre buffs em Flaris!
A million other BRs: BUFF POR FAVOR!!! (Bite the RM/ Cleric and sucks all his/her blood out.)

2b. Player 1: Buffs
Player 2: Say please.
Player 1: Plvl
Player 2: ?
Player 1: Buffs
Player 2: What a br

Pro: >_> What are you, br?
Noob: nO I R AMERICAN!!! 1337!!! NOBB!
Pro: -_- I was implying born retarded, but whatever floats your boat.
by Stymie from FlyFF June 03, 2007
On Tibia, what those bloody Brazilians ask before they derail into jibberish and nonsensicle babble.
Jevil Esus: I'm selling a fire sword!
Idiotsoccerbr: Br?
Jevil Esus: No
Idiotsoccerbr: Je he poinjkl he vc? Lmthoink!
Jevil Esus: Kill me now God if you're merciful.
by Evil Jesus August 28, 2004
Acronym for Born Retarded. Be very careful approaching these sensitive things, they can become very hostile, usually found in free online games.
These are the few you should beware of.

by nibbzy June 30, 2009
On the mmorpg of Tibia, the trade mark of brazilians, and there made up language, which they constatnly babble, then at random times say "hahahahahahaha"
this normally begins with a simple "BR?"
and at times ends with a random insult
Xikaro "are you fishing?"
Brelvaca "BR?"
Xikaro "huh? whats that to do with fishing?"
Brelvaca "se bel va, to ta bobbalona"
Brelvaca "hahahahahahahhaha, noob"
by shaggy September 01, 2004
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