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Yes drugs can be beneficial but there are fuckin dumbshits that abuse them.Druggies complain and get offended when told that they're being stupid and what not and we shouldnt say shit cuz "we have no idea what the hell we're talking about". We dont need to get a kick in to know how bad it is for us!! Theres hard facts layed out on the table! and then your ganna say " Well whos to say that the government and authorities aren't lying?? cant believe everything you read and thats in fine print"your RIGHT. but then again thousands of us experience friends and family members high, drunk, getting introuble with the law cuz of drugs and six feet under the ground becuase a fucking overdose. I dont know about you but that doesnt look nor sound all rainbows and shunshine to me.
Then someones says," well i graduated highschool with 4.0 and i do drugs" or " I've never hurt anyone or did something stupid becuase im smart and i know what im doing"NEwS FLASH if you havent noticed everyone is different so we all have diffrent reactions to drugs dipshits! you might get hella good grades and crap and still do drugs or manage to act decent while on something. thats cuz you guys are lucky bitches. The girl who went mentally retarted after having her "first' wasnt so lucky ( true story by the way, its hella freaky and sucks)
druggie: Youve never even tried drugs so you cant say anything,you dont know shit man! you don't know shit!
non-drug user: yeah...what your like 15, 17??
druggie: ...18
non-drug user: 18? well im 42.So as far as i know, i know alot more 'shit' then you kid. sad to say you might not make it to that age.
by ADDy NOVAK April 08, 2010
the action of doing something, bringing something somewhere, or forcing something somewhere, can be used in place of the word dragged, means same thing.
I was drug out of the bar by the bouncers last night, or the fish on my line drug me all around the lake
by Dr. Smithinhouse May 09, 2009
Drugs can range from a wide variety, and "drugs" should be man-made things. Marijuana and shrooms should not be considered drugs. You wouldn't walk up to a friend and say "hey man...wanna use some marijuana?"
Drugs could be considered as something like heroine, crack, coke, pain killers, and powerful halucinogens.
by camerong_2011 February 03, 2007
creates apathy when used habitually.
the world needs more apathy, so we should all do drugs
by cousin paul April 03, 2007
Following the Reaganite maxim, "War on..", an aggressive way of rooting out "evil" (see War on Terrorism)known as the most pathetic waste of time and resources since NASA.
"Only users lose drugs."
by radio August 05, 2003
something that is stupid, crazy, insane, etc.
first person: hey you know tanya and dan go out?

second person: DRUG! da fat smelly chick? wow!
not that fucking important, fun, entertainment, beats spending money on useless shit like 90 quid shoes
why take drugs i bought this great jacket for only a 100 pounds