A substance which alters one's physical, mental or emotional state.
Cocaine, X-TC and caffine are all drugs.
by Sarah-neko May 21, 2003
Air freshener
What are drugs?

I think you use them as air fresheners.. I dunno
by JesusNigguh May 09, 2012
The ultimate way of deciding not to give a fuck about life
Dude 1: Dude, I'm doing drugs
Dude 2: Given up on life already?
by FrogRibbit April 05, 2014
a fun way to lose weight.
Hey man, I was trippin yesterday, and I hardly ate, and I was jumpin up and down all day.
by melloncollie May 21, 2004
1)any of various chemical substances altering one's perceptions.
2)intoxicating member of the opposite sex.
1)ciggarettes, alcohol, and heroin are very bad drugs, whereas herb isn't a drug at all.
2)you are the perfect drug.
by NIN420 July 23, 2003
Substances that control you, change you, damage you, and/or eventually kill you.
Bob: Hey man, you want a ciggerette?
Bill: No. I dont do drugs.
Bob: Come one man. Just one.
Bill: No. I dont want those things in my system.
Bob: Whatever man.
by Summers4u2 June 07, 2014
The cause and answer to all of life's problems.
I was stoned and forgot to bring home Taco Bell for my girlfriend so she broke up with me. I took a few shots of whatever shitty liquor i had in the house, and smoked a couple blunts. I didn't even feel upset at all anymore. Drugs really helped me out there.
by Word Wizard Guy April 02, 2012

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