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some idiots don't seem to realise that caffeine is a psychoactive. Even cocoa contains a drug. And let's not forget alcohol...
Alcohol is perfectly legal but many other recreational drugs are not. Only because alocohol is better at sedating the masses.
by B08z0r3llo August 14, 2005
1. A legendary rock group. By rock, i mean heavy 70s/80s stuff. Check out Smoke On The Water or Black Night for example
2. Indigo. AKA opium. Which i haven't had the chance to try yet. Maybe someday...
drugs are bad, mmmkay? but if you must try any, research them beforhand, mmmkay? NEVER take something if you have no idea of what effect it'll have
by B08z0r3llo August 13, 2005
AKA vagina. Nicknamed "fun zone" because, let's face it, they can be a hell of alot of fun for both men and women =+)
Did you get to play in her fun zone last night?
by B08z0r3llo August 13, 2005
one who posts a definition here on UD.com,about a topic they think they know about, but their definition is so fuckin stupid it's a disgrace to the human race
There are hundreds of entries on here. So much for the editors...
by B08z0r3llo August 13, 2005
To come all over a girl's face when she asks/begs you not to.
Pronounced "up-see-day-zee"
girl: Please, don't come on my face
bloke: OK...oopsy-daisy, i just did...
by B08z0r3llo August 14, 2005
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