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A feminine product that is placed in the vagina to cleanse after sex. Has recently been thought NOT to be good for a woman's health.
After a long night of sex Alice douched to make sure she wouldn't smell in the morning.
by D-Ray April 01, 2004
a vaginal cleaning device that makes for a funny thing to call another person
"look at what he is wearing... what a douch"
by doo-sh October 22, 2003
A female product inserted into the vagina to ensure it will become clean. Another way this is used is to insult other people who you think are stupid, ignorant, or moronic etc...
Your such a douch you fucking moron
stop being a douch
by Matt McLean November 28, 2005

A term of endearment. Used to describe a person who has douche qualities but presents a valid point.

The accent on the e in Douch
Person 1: I think everybody should be allowed one free punch to stupid kids. But you have to use it wisely.

Person 2: Ahh Douch
by The Almighty WaH September 04, 2010
a person who fraudulantly claims to communicate with the afterlife
john edwards is a complete douch
by brad November 30, 2003
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