an ignorant selfish person
look at that douch who pulled out in front of me and almost cut me off
by dano January 22, 2003
An appualing word used to characterize the un-original, rude and useless freinds.
Man,why do i still suffer and talk to this girl, she is such a douch!
by GUIN. March 27, 2005
A person of low intelegence and moral standers.
"Man that quarterback is such a douch!"
by Atom Renner October 23, 2003
an expression used whn an object forcfully comes into contact with another, or a bad turn of events
also see "douchbabba"
to cars are speeding towards eachother
more homework? thats a douche!
by Smitty June 04, 2003
A prefix for the word bag. Kelly Osbourne uses ot alot.
Shut up you douch-bag!
by Alex July 23, 2003

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