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A) Too be as tired as humanly possible whithout being asleep or B) to be fast asleep generally on a bus. - Note pronounciation of Dos expresses how tired you are.
therefore the louder the doSSEEEEDDD the more tired you are.
EG 1: Brice - Hey Kadish are you dossed?
Kadish - No Brice im not dossed no. im DOOSSEEEEEDDDD!!!!!

EG 2: (whilst in a World of Warcraft lan) - Hey Kadish we arn't Dossing for 3 days is that okay? - Sure it is.
by King_fox September 08, 2010
To sprinkle with fine alcohol, as in overindulgence at a bar or club.

A righteous buzz.

Could mean a miscalculation of alcohol consumption resulting in bad decisions, and debauchery.
"after a few beers your chum became hopelessly dossed"
by jorgedelnorte February 04, 2010
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