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(noun) An easy task or period of time.
Possibly derived from doddle.
(verb) To slack off.
(Orig. UK/ Ireland.)
That class was a doss.
He's been dossing all day.
by Tadhg January 02, 2004
An exclamatory phrase, usually expressing disbelief at a third party's offensive behavior, or when the speaker is in an uneasy situation; variant of "Oh, snap!".
-"That guy just cut me off!"
-"Oh, dip!"
by Tadhg August 16, 2003
Act or acts of foolishness, often for the sake of foolishness. From cod and ology. Used in Ireland and parts of Britain.
He was lepping around, actin' the mick all through the game. Pure codology.
by Tadhg April 28, 2006

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