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outstanding, incredible, above expectations, motivating
That uniform looks shit-hot.
by NAPS December 10, 2003
128 22
Excellent, fantastic, marvelous, quite superb. In other words another word for something good. Do not confuse with Hot shit (see hot shit).
See that car over there?
Yeah it's shit hot.
by Will Marston May 28, 2003
118 12
The pinnacle of goodness. A westcountry (SW Eng) word.
Whats Pirates of the Carribbean like then?
Its Shit hot, id bone Keira Knightly any day.
72 32
to be extremely good at something.
Imagine a steaming turd and how hot it is! Comparing someone's ability with the hotness.
That Tiger Woods is shithot at golf!
by Kelly Coyle December 05, 2003
45 11
da bomb, wicked, dont get much better than shit hot
that is one shit hot motor
by viccichick June 28, 2005
52 28
excellent, perfect in every way, stylish
"that new ipod nano is shit hot"
by Rkty January 26, 2008
22 12
when something is so damn cool that there is no other way to describe it
Did you see his brand new porsche it was shit hot!
by myglocksick August 10, 2008
10 2