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West Midlands insult similar to chav. Origins are uncertain but it is thought to be an abbreviation of the phrase riff-raff, and localised use in Bromsgrove dates back as far as the late 1980s, if not earlier

Can be both a noun (riff), referring to the antisocial underclass, or an adjective (riffy), meaning something cheap, scummy or gully gully.
- "What a riff!"
- "He was the riffiest kid in school."
- "Those trainers are well riffy."
- "I'm a riffy stig."
by Creese April 15, 2008
British slang with regional and contextual variations in meaning. Further to other definitions listed, doss can also mean...
1) A laugh; fun; a good time.
2) To sleep rough, usually on somebody's couch or floor but can also mean on the streets.
3) To freeload, particularly while receiving state benefits such as the dole (Jobseeker's Allowance).
1) "We went out last night, got pissed-up and had a right doss."
2) "Shit, I've missed the last bus home. Do you mind if I doss on your floor?"
3) "I quit my job and spent the whole summer dole dossing: just skateboarding all day and partying all night."
by Creese May 27, 2010
1. A person, often an acquaintance, who is vaguely annoying or a bit of a boring bastard.

2. A task which will be tedious or will take a long time.

3. Something which is, literally, lengthy.

4. Comedy euphemism for the penis.

Note similarities with urban slang such as long and longting.
1. "I don't wanna hang out with that longmate!"

2. "Nah, forget it man, it'll be longmate."

3. "I had to walk up this longmate road."

4. "I showed her my longmate."
by Creese April 29, 2008
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