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Depending on where in Scotland the term 'Doss' is used, determines what meaning is intended to be conveyed.

In Edinburgh for example, If Bob was to call his mate Tam a "Doss cunt", he would be using the term as an adjective to mean thick, useless, stupid.


If the term 'doss' is used in Perthsire, Angus, and the North East, then it is generallt intended to mean...Ace, Fantastic, shit-hot, etc..
"git a fuckin haud o yersel ye doss cunt!"

Did you see Liverpool in European Cup last night, that was pure doss!"
by MatTheCat August 11, 2005
Used widely throughout rural Perthshire and Angus.

It can mean the following:
Crazy, Mental, Hardcore, Outrageous,
"Did you see the Twin Towers falling down? That was fucking Moich"
by MatTheCat August 11, 2005
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