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smoking an amount of weed to yourself that would usually be consumed by more than 1 person.
Why're you so high? I sat at home all day doming blunts.
by Madie Daddy April 26, 2010
The act of penetrating a partner's anus using one's head. The Vermont variant integrates maple syrup.
"After a long night of doming, we cuddled for a while before falling asleep."
by DrBunsen April 08, 2009
Verb. Past tense: domed. Short for "slamming to your dome-piece." Usually refers to drinking beers very fast and in one breath.

Important: this has absolutley nothing to do with orally accepting fecal matter.
"Dude, I love doming at 11am." "Dude we totally domed, like, 5 beers in an hour. It was sick."
by PaddleJohn May 08, 2007
to crap in anothers mouth which is coated in plastic wrap thereby insuring all th heat yet none of the sanitation problems
by scrumper August 18, 2003
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