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A type of person who looks like a child molester but is actually a heterosexual. Can occasionally mistake a man for a woman and a rectum for a vagina.
First Guy: Hey man, why is that molester looking dude trying to bang that guy??

Second Guy: Oh no worries, he's just pulling a Dino Bear.

First Guy: Gross... but wicked.
by Skin Dog November 19, 2010
(n). She is a very rare nocturnal species with the cuteness of a teddy bear and lives in trees. She is fun to hang out with, but when you're not cuddling or sleeping she is fierce in her sexual endeavors. Dinobears have a distinct mating call that tends to emerge after multiple orgasms, cocaine use, or just a common cold. If you're lucky, you'll hear it again but you should probably get that shit on recording before it's too late. Dinobear young are in rare form the coolest. Only rahh-some man babies can make it happen.
Last night my girlfriend turned into a dinobear.
by cjezioro September 11, 2010
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