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The act of oral sex received or performed by anybody over the age of 65.
Yo, I went over Scotty's house last weekend and his grandma was there. That bitch gave me mad dinodome.

Dude, I walked in on Chad giving this old guy dinodome. Gross.
by James Brownie May 11, 2009
someone with a big ass head.. like a dinosaur.
shut your mouth dino dome!
by docsy June 02, 2005
To receive fellatio whilst pretending to be a dinosaur. The most popular method is to flap your wings while shrieking like a pterodactyl. Another common method is to roar while waving about your short T-rex arms.
"Dude, I hear she gave you dino-dome!"
"Yeah man, I flapped my wings and was all like 'ka-caw, ka-caw!'"
by Ptommy October 13, 2009

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