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A small piece of shit that hangs from your asshole while taking a shit, it can be held by hair or string but you usually must have to shake it or pull it off.
Fuck my life... I had to pull off a dingleshard earlier with my fingers it would not come loose.
by cjezioro September 14, 2010
(n.) The act of delivering or receiving a bump (or line) of blow as you're waking up, or to wake up. OR both. Can be any time of the day.
Thank god I awoke to a snowrise this morning, because you always finish the bag the nite before.
by cjezioro October 11, 2010
(n). Getting a blowjob on an airplane, helecopter, or hot air balloon.
The pilot turned on his fasten your seat belt sign but I said "fuck it"... my girl was giving me skull wings under the tray table.
by cjezioro October 11, 2010
(n). A calendar that should be utilized in every romantic relationship which documents the orgasms of each partner on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Should be kept underneath the bed.
I thought I was pissed off at my boyfriend but then I checked the cum cal and realized I came twelve times last week.... I feel bad, I was just upset cuz I haven't came in 2 days...You know how it is.
by cjezioro September 24, 2010
(v) The art of fingering a clit in a multiple back and forth swaying motion. It makes the girl cum so hard you can't touch her clit for at least 10 minutes.
Make it sway, sway...back and forth, swayclay. I've only been able to swayclay my girl 4 times in about 2 years...just so you get an idea.
by cjezioro September 14, 2010
When the captain (or paddler) on any kind of water transportation device receives a blow-job while on the water.
If you give me agua brain I'll paddle harder to catch up with our friends..otherwise you're going overboard bitch :D
by cjezioro September 23, 2010
(n). She is a very rare nocturnal species with the cuteness of a teddy bear and lives in trees. She is fun to hang out with, but when you're not cuddling or sleeping she is fierce in her sexual endeavors. Dinobears have a distinct mating call that tends to emerge after multiple orgasms, cocaine use, or just a common cold. If you're lucky, you'll hear it again but you should probably get that shit on recording before it's too late. Dinobear young are in rare form the coolest. Only rahh-some man babies can make it happen.
Last night my girlfriend turned into a dinobear.
by cjezioro September 11, 2010
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