typically wears leather jackets, scares everyone because of his hard attitude. Generally works at a town market or grocery store.
Wow that guy was totally a dave!
by 12345lol12345 February 24, 2015
A Gay Chinese guy we all know
That Chinese dave guy is so gay
by ZirrFizzle May 14, 2015
The overly fat guy in the room in a public place. Upon seeing said Dave, your friends will be made aware of the situation when you yell DAVE! loudly.
Dave! Dave!....Dave!
by JGibbles February 09, 2015
A Dave is that person that the you blame everything on, your drunken misfortunes, your excuse for being late or leaving early, Dave is why you couldn't make it to the really "interesting" days out with people.
Dave is one of many, Bob, Gary, Larry, Bert, Barry, Steve and Kenneth are also acceptable false names to lay the blame on.
Person 1: did you smash this glass last night?
Person 2: no it was Dave

Person 1: We're going to the library want to come?
Person 2: Sorry promised Dave we'd hang out
by anonxmousx December 21, 2014
The name of the god of all hockey coaches, a coach who knows the game best but also knows how to coach players in a way they respond and respect. No one compares.
"Did that Dave guy ever coach you?"

"Yeah, basically the god of all hockey coaches"
by SauceMaster99 April 15, 2014
A vagina that has not been shaved for a week. Resembling a man named dave who has been fired from work and grows out his stubble.
I didn't fuck because I had a total dave.
by nooniepoop February 07, 2014
Someone that nobody knows
"I was just talking to Dave"
by hollaholla078 January 08, 2012

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