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Daves are intense. They'll rock your world like no other man. They are also extremely intelligent and will blow your mind with some of the skills they've mastered. They are charismatic when they want to be. They work hard even while seemingly lost, but always end up on top of the game in the end. They are outspoken and blunt, honest and crass. They can be rude and boisterous. They have beautiful eyes that betray the sweetness within. Their hair is pleasure to run fingers through. They are intensely passionate, driven, and alpha. They are strong, tall, and handsome. They are also mischievous and use their intelligence to mess with your head, sometimes just out of pure boredom. If you aren't nuts they can drive you nuts, if you are they can make you even more nuts.

As a friend they are indispensable, helpful, and loyal so long as you help them out at times. As a lover you'll wish you could keep them always.
"How in the world does someone even do that? How is that even possible?"

"Clearly they are a Dave."
by beamazedballs March 30, 2014
A word that can replace any other word in a scentence.
Hey i'm about to dave to the movies, would you like to dave?
by Canada Dave May 02, 2013
An jerk from the Midwest. Super creepy. Smokes 10 packs a day, and bathes only on Saturdays, the combination of the two make people gag. Doesn't know anything, even though he tries to sound smart. Gargles during meals with his water, and burps in your face. He isn't exactly worried about his grammar either. The perfect example of someone who belongs on a farm and not in the city. Good luck to anyone who encounters a Dave of this variety.
Dave walks by.

Person 1: what's that awful smell?

Person 2: Dave must've walked past us.

Dave: what are you darn folk talkin bout?
by Jackinthebox1114 November 07, 2012
Dave: the raddest dude around,can talk about stuff nuffs anything is cooler then cool acts all crazy but this kid is down with the nigga
Omg i learnt about radiation,how to be cool and stuff about how not to use the n word,and its all thanks to dave..
by cuntgonewest October 20, 2010
the name given to someone who is no longer sober enough to be called by their real name.
yo man, you were so Daved last night!

Yo, fuck you daaave

I'm gettin Daved tonighttt
by Dave podzy September 23, 2010
Daves are commonly known as the rare species of man/girl see origins of mangina also known for the moronic beheviour and love for pancakes.

also do not bring up "diggers" around daves as they will bitch and wine

!fun fact! dave's usualy arent very good at anything at all surprisingly there rather talented at giving head just dont ask him to swallow.

TheNinja00 is a famous example of all the above
Dave - TheNinja00 this one time at band camp he sucked off the entire male audience
by The Renegade Hobo March 12, 2013
Used to describe someone who is always hungry but never brings hit/her own food, and always steals or ask for everyone elses lunches.
guy 1 'can i have your sandwhich?"
guy 2 'dont be such a Dave, bring you own'
by bob from social services August 15, 2012