Dave can have many meanings and has a variety of uses;

1) Someone who is being that 'guy,' or would have all of the characteristics and behaviors one named David would possess. (Noun)

2) That shit that will take you to the moon; make you Chinese eyed. (Noun)

3) Being dumb or doing something stupid (Adjective)

4) Someone who is from LA, drinks out in public, who will step over any line, whose long hair doesn't cover their redneck, or who lets their bulldog mouth overload their puppy dog ass. (Noun)

5) Self employed Taxi Driver in Sacramento California. The Big Cat. Known for singing it, slapping it, and that's that. (Noun)
1) "Don't call me Dave." "You are being such a Dave right now."

2) "Got any of that dave?" "Pass that Dave." "Let's smoke that Dave."

3) "Quit Daving around right now." "He was pretty Dave last night."

4) "Your name is Dave."

5) "You are Dave." Answer: "You know who I am."

"Taxi Dave, Taxi Dave, Taxi Dave, Taxi Dave"
by TaxiDave April 22, 2013
Everybody knows a Dave. Daves are genuinely very happy at all times and can make the best out of a bad situation. rarely ever showing any other emotion than being happy unless someone triggers them to feel a different way such as angered, Daves are not the type of people you want to anger they are proper blokes and can always handle themselves, they are able to handle more than one person at a time. Daves when angered are very hard to control they will rage and destroy whoever stands in there way. Although Daves show no emotion they are loving, caring, effectionate and sensitive. They know how to treat women like princesses and always will at any chance they have, they are very romantic and like to put the females before themselves. Daves are very good with there hands and relax anybody, they're great at giving massages and will always give them even without being asked to. Daves are gentleman and have great respect for women and will always protect them. Daves are aqquired with large penis's or sometimes just above average, they know how to use them too, Daves are great at foreplay and will go down on girls to show them a good time. They do not ask for much just an occasional blow job and a bacon sandwich. They have an amazing smile which could brighten up any ones day a set of dazzling eyes and often large ears Daves are hilarious always cracking jokes that will keep you laughing, they always do dumb dangerous things to keep people entertained.
I love Dave.

Have you met Dave his so nice, he smiled at me and I became so happy.

If you need advice ask Dave he'll know for sure.

If that needs fixing ask Dave he can fix pretty much anything.

I looked at Dave the wrong way and he knocked me and my 5 mates out all at the same time.

Daves a beast be very careful he could knock 50 shades of red out of you.

Daves are so good at making love!

Girl 1: omg have you had sex with Dave!?

Girl 2: yesssss! His the best sex ever and I've slept with over 16 men!

Girl 1&3: I know right his so good with his penis!

Girl 4: on the subject of his wang it's so big!

Girl 1, 2, 3, 5, 6: omg! It is actually so big! But it feels so good! I can't believe his slept with all of us and none of us have anything bad to say!

Girl 7: he left my pussy looking like a cave, but then he ate me out and I went to pleasure island!

Girl 8, 9, 10: he knows how to use his tongue too!
by Every single female February 10, 2014
The most badass and handsome dude ever born. He can tear a phonebook in half with his eyelids and has an anaconda in his pants.
"When my girlfriend passed out Dave slopped his massive dong on her lips. And she loved it."

"My mom tried to blow Dave but when she pulled his pants down his dick was actually a shotgun and blew her head off. Now my mom is dead"
by Nekrobutcher March 13, 2012
Dave is a person who is artistic and loved by teachers. He gets in trouble sometimes for forgetfulness but never fails to get back on everybodys good side. Dave sometimes resembles a robot. He is very confident, and that shows through the way he walks. Most of the time it's with his hands in his back pockets, but if he is in a hurry, his arms are flung out behind him. Dave is a loving bf and continues to be long after a breakup. He is quite a gentleman and pampers the lucky lady that gets to date him.
omg i love you! you're such a dave!
by afrock stalker May 24, 2011
Drunk person of the group who calls everyone a cunt.
Dave said, "Toni, you are a CUNT!"
by OneNutMIA January 09, 2014
Daves are intense. They'll rock your world like no other man. They are also extremely intelligent and will blow your mind with some of the skills they've mastered. They are charismatic when they want to be. They work hard even while seemingly lost, but always end up on top of the game in the end. They are outspoken and blunt, honest and crass. They can be rude and boisterous. They have beautiful eyes that betray the sweetness within. Their hair is pleasure to run fingers through. They are intensely passionate, driven, and alpha. They are strong, tall, and handsome. They are also mischievous and use their intelligence to mess with your head, sometimes just out of pure boredom. If you aren't nuts they can drive you nuts, if you are they can make you even more nuts.

As a friend they are indispensable, helpful, and loyal so long as you help them out at times. As a lover you'll wish you could keep them always.
"How in the world does someone even do that? How is that even possible?"

"Clearly they are a Dave."
by beamazedballs March 30, 2014
A vagina that has not been shaved for a week. Resembling a man named dave who has been fired from work and grows out his stubble.
I didn't fuck because I had a total dave.
by nooniepoop February 07, 2014

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