As defined in the "Brocabulary", "Dave" refers to the Dave Matthews Band (DMB). Dave Matthews Band concerts are mainly attended by high school and college students, most of whom are too drunk from tailgating to make it to the actual show. Those who aren't too drunk have the pleasure of enjoying Dave and company's 30 minute jazz odysseys while smoking weed.
(1) "Yo bro, you goin' to Dave this summer?"
"Yeah dude, lawn seats for both nights. Totally getting shitfaced."

(2) "I was so high at Dave last night that I actually liked his music."
by Erin BROckovich November 03, 2010
A gypsie old pedo who likes to feed off kiddie porn
"That guy is a fucking Dave."
by nicklequarterpennydime October 15, 2011
(noun) the act of making a horrible joke
Yo that joke was so bad, you just pulled a Dave!
by husky5592 April 10, 2011
1. (n.) the ultimate creeper.

2. (v.) to be put in a creepy situation by a creepy guy. To be creeped out by a guy
(e.g) he totally daved that chick.
by Pat McHawk February 15, 2010
A extremly over weight loser with no friends and smells bad
you dave
by Harry Moorcroft November 07, 2011
A person who thinks they are super cool but are, in reality, extreme douche bags. Often found with a "Jerry" of the same meaning.
Person A: Hey is that Dave and Jerry!?
Person B: Yea, but don't wave. They are extreme douche bags.
by lilswanson4312 September 07, 2011
To dave something is to change the topic when you have nothing else to say. It's signified by announcing "DAVED."
What were we talking about, I dunno. let's dave it. DAVED.
by T.Soom July 23, 2010

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