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An android from the 24th century who serves on the star ship Enterprise.
Data kicked some borg ass and then fed his cat lunch.
by The OC Bitch Is Hot! September 29, 2003
1. a person of male gender who is considered by his piers to be a stud
2. a person of male gender who has a frequency to become erect while listening to classical music
1. "That guy is pretty cool. A datum if you ask me."

2."Hey guys! Did you see Logan at the Mozart concert? He was being such a datum and he couldn't hide his immense boner."
#data #classical music enthusiast #stud #player #boner
by Drew Flowers-Murachanian August 17, 2010
That one android on Star Trek.

He's played by Brent Spiner.

I wonder what he's doing nowadays?

(he's probably getting fucked in the ass!)
"And have you noticed how your boobs have started to firm up?" - Data
#star trek #the next generation #spot #geordi la forge #tourette's guy
by Schwa Umlaut August 25, 2007
The singular of data; but this form is never used anymore.
One example that shows Gresham's law, which says "bad money drives out good money."; the very same reason why IQ 70s prevail in this world now.
I can't find any usage for datum anymore!
#data #datums #a data #bad money #good money
by jaelee11 March 20, 2008
sweet pics that girls take of themselves while naked or with very little clothing on that are eventually seen by everyone in the school/town
"yo dude did you see that girl's data?" "Dude she SENT ME her data..."
#pics #tits #slut #bagglers #weezy
by FCD of MadConn December 01, 2009
Data is pictures or video that girls send out to guys. Girls take pictures of their tits and themselves naked. They send this to a guy who says that he is not going to show anyone, however he then shows all of his friends. Data is the code word you can use around girls so they have no idea what you are talking about. Guys then exchange data and store it on their computers. Where it is stored is called the data-base.
Yo Peterson you see Kim Kardashian's data? Her tits look so juicy.
#sexting #porn #tits #pussy #strippers
by Dan S. Germs January 18, 2010
Founded by U2’s Bono in 2002, Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa (or “DATA”) is a multinational non-government organization created in London with activists from the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt campaign.

It was created for the purpose of obtaining equality and justice for Africa through debt relief, adjusting trade rules which burden Africa, and eliminating the African AIDS epidemic.

In 2007, DATA and Bono were jointly awarded the National Constitution Center's 2007 Liberty Medal.

Start-up funds came from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, financier George Soros, and technology entrepreneur Edward W. Scott.

DATA is currently placing most of its resources into supporting the ONE Campaign.
U2's Bono created DATA to help fight poverty and AIDS in Africa.
#bono #data #one campaign #africa #music
by SachaZ July 16, 2008
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