Founded by U2’s Bono in 2002, Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa (or “DATA”) is a multinational non-government organization created in London with activists from the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt campaign.

It was created for the purpose of obtaining equality and justice for Africa through debt relief, adjusting trade rules which burden Africa, and eliminating the African AIDS epidemic.

In 2007, DATA and Bono were jointly awarded the National Constitution Center's 2007 Liberty Medal.

Start-up funds came from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, financier George Soros, and technology entrepreneur Edward W. Scott.

DATA is currently placing most of its resources into supporting the ONE Campaign.
U2's Bono created DATA to help fight poverty and AIDS in Africa.
by SachaZ July 16, 2008
The goofy little Asian kid from The Goonies. He is currently living in the Australian outback with your little sister. After stuffing his tiny Asian dick inside her tight arse EVERY night he likes to kick back with some easy listening and inventn a new device of sexual torture with which to analy abuse your alcoholic dad. When he sleeps, his brain automatically connects to the Internet and updates his mind with the latest software. He loves Mexican food and hates Mexican people.
No example- Data answers to no living being!
by squaids187 July 07, 2010
Down For ass to ass, with a double ended dildo.
(bro 1)
Dude! I was at the ZX house the other night and they had two girls that were DATA!

(bro 2)
Sweet! They know how to pull them over at the ZX house!
by IXASucks December 07, 2009
An awesome character from the movie " The Goonies ' a totally kick ass movie, Data is the little chinese kid who creates a bunch of sweet ass shit, and can not pronounce booby trap, the goonies are awesome!
Stef:Where are you going?
Data: To set boody twaps.
Stef:You mean booby traps..?
Data: Thats what i SAID! Boody twaps!
by GCKA December 06, 2003
porn, typically on the computer. When one watches it, they may shuffle it.
I shuffled lots of data in my java class.
by AP JAVA February 03, 2005
1. see theta
2. As in Dr. Data, who is currently at war with Mr. Theta, his friend, turned arch-nemesis.
3. comparable to Liquid Theta
4. otherwise known as Dumb data
5. whatever you need it to mean Man!
"Suck my data bitch!"
"Holy shit! Dr. Data and Mr. Theta are two badass datas, i heard they just layed a legendary ass-kicking on some guy named Huygen (da muddafucka)"
(in reference to quantum physics) "Dumb Data (Dd) times Liquid Theta (Lt) = Double Data (2d)"
by Dr. Blumpkin March 11, 2004
A pimpazz muthafucka, all up in the bling.
Yo fool, don't hate on that Data.
by Data February 19, 2003
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