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only the BEST movie EVER to be created in the history of the world...starring a mini sean astin and some other people. Classic kid's adventure movie with just enough innuendo for us older ones...mwahahaha. AWESOME movie with the most quotable lines ever. 80s children may remember fondly, so go get it and watch it! You'll be pleasantly surprised.
Goonies never say die!
by kerplunkymunky February 13, 2004
Movie created in the mid-80s by Steven Spielberg. Spawned phenomenas like the truffle shuffle, Chunk, and Sloth
Do the Truffle Shuffle!
by Robyn July 30, 2003
A group of homosexual children too young and naive to understand their feelings towards each other. Always getting into trouble or each others asses they roam the neighbourhood or underground caverns of your town whilst being stalked buy a deformed paedophile who can literally pull all your clothes off with the one tooth in his slobbering misshapen mouth.
The Goonies is a Fucking awesome film!
by Squaids187 July 07, 2010
one of the worst, most annoying movies that for some reason everyone loves. i simply dont undesrtand it
laura: like OMG im so watching the goonies tonite, best movie ever

me: u need to find out what actually qualifies a good movie.
by scruffins April 30, 2007
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