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A Honey badger is one fearless mother fucker! He is the ultimate badass of the animal kingdom. No one knows what they look like as anyone who's ever seen one has been immediately killed by said badger. They wouldn't think twice about starting some shit and are actually totally fearless, when they kill something (usually 100+ kills a day) they crack open their victims skull with their teeth and eat their brain and digest their thoughts. This makes the Honey Badger the world most intelligent and ruthless mother fucker out ther. They will also sleep with and inpregnate your sister while she sleeps.
Explorer: Oh look, theres a Honey badger!

2.35 seconds later

Oh look, I'm dead!
by Squaids187 July 05, 2010
The name of the woman in the snorg tees ad on UD she is so hot you cannot touch her as you will instantly burst into flames. The only reason her clothes don't catch fire is that she soaks them in the tears of orphans before she wears them. She was cast out of heaven by God himself as her beauty was too great and no other heavenly being could compare. She now graces us mere mortals here on Earth with her unmatched beauty and irresistible charm. Her short brown hair and smooth complexion are a testament to true perfection. I love you Snorg! The world is a better place now your here.
Guy1- "Hey man here comes snorg!"

Guy2- "Don't look directly at her! She's too beautiful."

Guy1- "I can't see where I'm going, what did I just bump into? Oh shit! I'm on fire!"
by Squaids187 August 12, 2010
1. A large expanse of baran wasteland in Australia. The location of which many many homosexual encounters take place consensual or otherwise. Scientific tests have been conducted and the findings are that no living creature in the outback is heterosexual. Which would explain the lack of wildlife. Experts say that in 10 years Australia will be completely devoid of all life because of homosexuality.

2. A very nice steakhouse, reasonably priced and delicious.
1. Bareback in the outback. Just deal with it, it's gonna happen!

2. Try the ribs they're awesome!
by Squaids187 July 07, 2010
The goofy little Asian kid from The Goonies. He is currently living in the Australian outback with your little sister. After stuffing his tiny Asian dick inside her tight arse EVERY night he likes to kick back with some easy listening and inventn a new device of sexual torture with which to analy abuse your alcoholic dad. When he sleeps, his brain automatically connects to the Internet and updates his mind with the latest software. He loves Mexican food and hates Mexican people.
No example- Data answers to no living being!
by squaids187 July 07, 2010
A group of homosexual children too young and naive to understand their feelings towards each other. Always getting into trouble or each others asses they roam the neighbourhood or underground caverns of your town whilst being stalked buy a deformed paedophile who can literally pull all your clothes off with the one tooth in his slobbering misshapen mouth.
The Goonies is a Fucking awesome film!
by Squaids187 July 07, 2010

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